Interview Thank You Letter Tips

Following up each interview with a thank you letter is an essential factor in indicating that you are a serious contender for the job. It gives you the opportunity to make a more lasting impression, especially if there are many people interviewing for the same job. Not only does it show that you recognize proper business etiquette, but it also allows you to recap why you would be the best person for the position.

This letter will help keep you fresh on the interviewer's mind, especially if you refer specifically to what you discussed in the interview. When composing your letter, it's best to use standard 8.5 x 11 paper and address it to the person who interviewed you. 

You can get some ideas on how to write your thank you letter with the following example.

Your name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code
Phone number


Name of person who interviewed you
Name of the company
City, State, Zip Code


In this paragraph of the thank you letter, share your appreciation for the opportunity to meet with the interviewer to discuss the possibility of working for the company. You should also mention your positive opinion of the business. (For instance: It was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday. I was interested in hearing about the different projects your business is working on and the company's impressive ideas for continuing development and growth.)

In this section, you can present relevant information as to why you would be a great fit for the position, possibly something which wasn't discussed during the interview. (For example: I came away from our meeting with a strong insight of how I might be a part of your team. My knowledge and experience align with your business' increasing need for skilled workers, and I believe I have the aptitude, commitment, and drive you require from prospective employees.)

In the last paragraph of your letter, you want to respectfully let the person who interviewed you see that you are interested in hearing back from them. Point out that you would be happy to discuss the job further, either over the phone or in person. (For example: Keep me in mind as your plans to add staff takes shape. If you think of any other questions, please know that I would be eager to come in for a second interview. I look forward to hearing from you again.) You can contact me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Thank you again for meeting with me yesterday.

Sincerely yours,

Your Name

This is just a sample of what an interview thank you letter should look like. You will need to customize your own letter so that it addresses each individual interview. As always, good luck in your quest to find a fulfilling job. Below are more topics to help you find the job of your dreams...