Wife Goes On

Review by Tracy Achen

In the book Wife Goes On (#ad), Leslie Lehr puts it all out there in a deliciously fun and realistic look at starting over and new beginnings. From the uncertainty of being single again, to the everyday demands of single-motherhood, this book touches on so many of the realities of being a divorced woman. With disappointments and hope, heartbreak and laughter, you'll quickly identify with the heroines and rejoice as each learns how to live their life on their own terms.

For example, Diane learns that being a soccer Mom doesn't prepare you for raising two kids on your own, even with a college background. Adjusting to her reduced lifestyle isn't fun, but she stumbles onto a potential business that has the potential to set her free from the financial constraints that she faces.

In the process of rebuilding her life, she also meets Lana, a breath-taking beauty and member of "Club Divorce." While seeming to have it all together, Lana is hiding a huge secret, one that may be the key to setting her free from the demons of her past. To keep her secret hidden, she works as a sales woman at the Mecca Furniture store. While it's not the most glamorous work in the world, it does tend to pay the bills.

It's at Mecca that both women meet Bonnie, the young and overwhelmed mother of two young children. Though Bonnie knows her marriage isn't working, she doesn't want to be the only one in her social circle that doesn't have the "perfect life". And it's hard to be the perfect wife when your husband doesn't really care about you or how hard you try. Watch as she learns to stand on her own two feet and realize that there is more to life than a perfect home surrounded by the proverbial white picket fence.

Annette is also learning that the life that she has so carefully mapped out for herself may not be what she really wants after all. Even though she is a high-powered attorney who can surround herself with the best of everything, she realizes that there is more to life than winning the next case. Read along as she peels away the hard layers to reveal her authentic self and move towards what really fulfills her.

"Wife Goes On" captures the true essence of being a divorced woman and will keep you turning the pages to find out what each of the divorcees will experience next. This is a definite must read for any woman who's going through or has been through divorce. As Leslie Lehr says, "here's to living happier ever after."

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