Untruths and lies for years

by Nanci H.

He has been keeping things from me (tax issues, house liens, and an affair). He has a son with another woman, whom he never married. He never wanted anything to do with his son. He also has a daughter that he didn’t know about, and both kids are less than a year apart. He had to pay child support on both kids throughout our marriage ($2000 a month, which took away from our son age 10). Now he has falsified and signed the tax refund for the child support debt. I had to file as an innocent spouse for a debt because it was before our marriage.

He travels for his job and has not been truthful about where he goes. I found out through statements of expense accounts which came in the while he was away. Plus, he had an affair complete with pictures of himself (I have that photo). This was going on for a year.

Our whole marriage has all been lies, lies, and more lies. He has not slept in the same bed or made love to me in 3 years. He has denied intimacy for years now, and would say "you need to be to me like daggling a carrot in my face”.

It just goes on and on and I’m scared. I’m angry and sad. I’m broken and depressed, but I will no longer trust him or others thanks to him. I find myself checking every 5 minutes to see if there is a pulse, but it’s dead.

I need to walk away now. My poor son has seen the emotional toll it’s taking on me, but he loves his Daddy and wants to be with him. His father travels all over the state and is always away. Even when he is home, he’s always working or talking, not making time like decent fathers do.

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Mine was a narcissistic, manipulative, cheater, liar, and addict
by: Liz

He cheated repeatedly and lied about every time
He was a recovering alcoholic and active drug addict
He had hidden his addiction to dirty movies
He was verbally abusive
Financial problems
I lost all respect and trust in him

My husband was a very troubled person
by: Anonymous

It all started on my birthday last year, a guy hit on me at the bar. My husband proceeded to beat the man almost to death and then follow me to our hotel suite and beat me almost to death. This is the first of many beatings. He is a long haul truck driver and was home three days per month, which was hard.

One day while I was home and bored I Googled his name and had found out that he was a convicted felon, not once, not twice... three times!! All related to beating women and throwing them in trunks of cars. I could never get over this and it made me resent him even more. I have had three restraining orders and paid attorneys each time to have them dismissed.

He never helped out with the bills in the house, but he made me quit my job!! He did not want me around any people, including my family. He was slandering me on Facebook, telling our friends and his family that I stole all of his paychecks and cheated on him all of the time. He had given me a total of $500.00 in one year toward household bills. I have managed to stay afloat for my children. He is no longer involved in our life, thank God!! He is a monster and I pray for his next female victim. He’s a very troubled individual.

by: Anonymous

Its Time now to file and start a new life without
this loser.

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