Until He Got Sick

by Kassi

One day he came home sicker than usual. I was just called back to work and he started having more seizures, panic, and anxiety attacks than usual. So, we needed a chore provider to step in. Well, come to find out he hired someone that he has known for some time (years). He got know her when he stayed out some nights and abandoned us (4 children) and not come home.

Over the years we argued a lot about him not coming home and usually finding him with her and always over her house. So, he hired her to care for him while I was at work. It later turned out that he wanted to start spending more time over there until he stopped coming home some nights.

So my husband left me for the chore provider basically and wanted to have me too. I wasn't having it and I finally decided to leave him after 19 years of marriage. It is very hard. I just left him but I'm being strong. Prior to this episode I have endured battered women syndrome with this same man. I'm a survivor.

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