No Longer in Love

by Beatrice

After 3 years of marriage, we no longer have an intimate relationship. Don’t get me wrong, it was great when we first got together. But now there is no foreplay or loving touches, no kissing or even trying to be romantic. Sex consists of 1 maybe 2 minutes of missionary style.

Now he works at night and I go to school in the day so we never spend time together. We go to different churches. He's from Nigeria, been in America for ten years and doesn't have one American friend but me.

Although he pays all the bills, I attend school fulltime, do all the house work, including iron his scrubs for work, wash, fold, put away all the clothes and learned how to cook his native foods. He refuses to try anything new. I no longer love him or feel him in my heart.

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Just tell me the truth!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I have been married for 4 years, of which only a year and a half was happy or so I thought. I met my husband online. We dated for a long time, visiting each other constantly due to staying in different countries. I finally moved to his country and we got married.

I think all was ok, until one day I found him on the internet with all the dating and sex chat rooms, chatting up all the "ladies".... since then nothing was the same, I could not believe him chatting up other girls, if I was supposed to be he's wife, his sweetheart, until death do us part!!!!!!!!

Since then I just became sensitive to all he does and said, and so a journey of 2 years of constant cheating and lying from him. I have so many examples so many times.......
He stopped being intimate with me for over 2 years, if I ask if there's a problem , he tells me I am sex occupied! As if I have a problem.

All I ask is just tell me the truth!!!!!!!! Just tell me so I can move on, I can close the chapter, stand up again, and move on. Is this abuse? To tell me constantly that I see things, imagine things....... And Good heavens trust me the evidence is there, but he just denies it, he refuses to divorce me, telling me it will get better, it will change.
But what will change if he does not acknowledge them.
When will it change if he does not make an effort?
How can it change if he never wants to be home any more, constantly on hunting trips?
I just need the truth, it kills me inside and emotionally, I doubt myself constantly.....
Again I just need the truth to heel and forgive him and not feeling guilty to divorce him, and to go on.

by: Anonymous

I went through the same thing with my ex-husband. He made up in his mind that we weren't supposed to be together anymore (after 2 years of marriage) and he cut intimacy ties from me. If we ever were intimate, he apologized later & said it shouldn't happen. This is a painful thing & I still haven't recovered :(

In The Same Boat....
by: Anonymous

oh yes… I am in the EXACT same situation. I am overwhelmed, exhausted, and HIGHLY disappointed. The longer I stay, more depressed I become. He feels no remorse for my unhappiness! :(

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