Irreconcilable differences broke up my marriage

by St
(California )

Irreconcilable differences broke up my marriage. His side was Catholic and my mother's side is Buddhist. We had a non-denominational wedding, but his mother was not always accepting of my religion or me. She never treated me like a daughter-in-law and always treated me like nothing. I married a Mama's Boy… she adored him and did everything for him. He's 37 and it drove me nuts.

He never really grew up. Also, money management and his debt and money-borrowing got out of control. To top it off, our communication was very poor due to his work hours (Graveyard shift).

We slept in different beds and it was getting lonely. We only slept in the same bed on the weekends and were intimate during that time.

Does anyone else have the same stories as I?

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Happy at Last
by: Anonymous

I've been married for 20 years and he has been laid off for the last 2 years. He gripes about the house not being clean, but yet he can tell you about every court or talk show that is on TV. If bills are going be late (like the house payment), it is always me dealing with this stuff. I work all day, come home, cook, and get things cleaned up while he just sits there.

We have 2 kids and our daughter cries just about every morning because he yells at her to hurry up, get her brother up and get ready. He left for 3 weeks and the kids and I great time. We all worked together and it was great. I felt bad that he didn’t have a place to go, so I took him back. It was a dumb move and VERY bad on my part. He gets mad at me and takes it out on the kids. He doesn’t want the divorce, but I do.

For once in my life, I'm doing what I need to do. I can’t stand to be around him or even look at him anymore. I guess I just fell out of love. Or was it really Love in the first place? 20 years ago I just didn’t want to be alone. But now I want to be happy (he doesn’t do that for me anymore). This is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’m very happy; so are the kids. Thank you for letting me vent.

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