He Walked Away & Left Us Broke

My husband and I had been living separated for 3 months when he called and wanted to "reconcile". We reconciled and the next day after having a great evening and enjoying our children, he left. And he called to tell me he didn't love me nor did he want me.

He wanted "her". He took my money. I was stranded at home with no food or furniture with a 4 year old and a 20 month old. If it weren't for his grandparents I don't know what I would have done!

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He walked away
by: Anonymous

My ex-husband and I were married 10 years. We separated (initially it was just supposed to be briefly) because our marriage was so terrible. There was a series of events that altered our underlying love, respect and trust in each other, and it snowballed into a lot of anger and resentment. He became possessive, violent, and suicidal at times. He made me believe it was because he loved me so much. But I had to file a TPO so we could safely take some space to reevaluate everything in our marriage. But instead of helping, he up and moved 6 hours away.

I felt abandoned with the issues, with all the bills and with my daughter. He humiliated me by telling his family every lie he could to twist things in his favor. It was shocking how easily he was able to pick up life where he left off, all along, assuring me that we could work it out. I found out about his 1st emotional affair when visiting him before reconciling. It was a perfect evening complete with making love until we fell asleep, but then woke up by being called another woman's name as he talked and caressed me in his sleep.

After waking up, he seemed all too eager to come clean with no remorse. In fact, he seemed to enjoy the control he had over my emotions. He relished in my sobbing as he schooled me on how it was all my fault that it happened because I was ignoring his needs and by pointing out all my short comings as a wife. Not a whole day passed before he was apologetic and promised to "fix" everything, if only I'd give him the chance.

I made the choice to stay married but I would not live with him until I felt secure in his changes. We went on to repeat this 3 more times with other women. Each time, it was a little worse than the last. 3 years went by and it was a take one step forward, two steps back kind of relationship. One night he just quit talking to me and took a week to contact me.

I was confused and hurt when he finally said he was done. He blamed me and hung up in my face and had my phone turned off. He’s had no contact with me or our child for 3 months. I was humiliated that Facebook broke the news of yet another woman and that his family knew about it and supported him. I didn't have the energy anymore and I filed for divorce.

But just before the divorce hearing, he sent me an email saying that he loved me and begged me not to do it. I did anyways but we continued to "talk" because I still had hope. He pursued me every day and we seemed happy. I started to believe that the divorce had helped us. But just last night, I accidentally received a sexual text that was not meant for me. So, once again I am heart broken and humiliated. I feel stupid for wasting my love and life on this man. I can finally say (and mean) that I'm done! I' feel so supported knowing that there are others who share my pain...

He’s been sleeping on the couch
by: Anonymous

We've only been married a year and all of the sudden he wants to file for divorce. Not only does he want me to pay for the divorce, but he’s trying to keep me from touching my bank account that I worked for. He has a home he already had when we go married. I took care of his children and look how he treats me.

Believing with Faith
by: He Walked Away

I'm so, so, so sorry! I know completely how you feel. I recently took my husband back yet AGAIN to find him GONE the very next morning! My daughter continually cries and asks questions that I can't answer. I have since then learned that he had actually gotten the female who is "a methadone patient" of SIX years pregnant!!! I'm devastated but I know that with God, I can overcome this, I'm praying for you too!

I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

Today after one month of marriage, my husband also decided he didn’t want to be with me anymore. We have been best friends for seven years (with a friend with benefits relationship). After a year of trying to be together and myself being stood up 2 times at the altar, I still took him back. We exchanged vows on Nov 8th this year. In 3 days it would have made a month being married. He said I don’t reciprocate and he's not happy... :( Right now I still have faith in god and through him all things are possible, you too should give it to god. Be blessed!

He Walked Away
by: Anonymous

Wow! I was so sorry to hear about your situation. I hope things will get better for you and your children. It must be difficult to stay strong, but a good support system is essential. People on this site have helped me tremendously. I hope you will stay in touch with other women who have also struggled through the divorce process.

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