Drugs and affairs ended our marriage

by Linda

My marriage ended thanks to drugs, other women, and his fathering a child with another woman.

My husband got into drugs and spent thousands of dollars on meth. He met a young lady (a crack whore) younger than my daughter. He continued seeing her after he said it was all over. I blamed his actions on drugs, thinking it would pass.

No it went further. He got her pregnant. He tried to hide it from me, but I found out. His girlfriend called bragging about how she got what she wanted, she won and I lost. After the baby was born he wanted to bring him into our home and have me help raise him.

God I'm 53 years old. I ain't starting over in life with this sort of thing and having my husband say to me, “If you were a better wife this wouldn't have ever happened.” I have to live with the hurt of what he did, let alone live with the guilt he's putting on me. He's gone now and never coming back.

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by: Anonymous

Yea. Same here, except no babies. Yeah.
He's gone, I got him out. And no, he's not coming back. Drugs (crack) didn't make him cheat. He was cheating before. I'm 55 and I'm lonely but not for him because he was always gone. How could you ever think you are at fault? If you were so bad why did he try to hide it from you? She won WHAT???? He is a cheat and an addict. Oh. OK. Good for her, better for you. Now he is her problem and no longer yours. How bad is that?

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